Sunday, January 22, 2012

SharePoint 2010 Document Library Upload Issues

Issue 1:
Can't upload more than 100 documents at a one time in SharePoint 2010 Library.

Open Library in Explorer View. This way you can upload as many as documents as you like.

Issue 2:
Can't upload documents more than some MB's size


  • Open Central Administration
  • Go to Application Management > Manage Web applications
  • Select Web application and click "General Settings"
  • Scroll down to modal window and change "Maximum Upload Size". You can set this to maximum of 2GB.
  • You may encounter "Security Validation error if upload is taking time more than 30 mins. To resolve this issue. Scroll up and change "Security validation expires"

Issue 3:
Upload Multiple Documents link is greyed out.

Solution 1
This will be greyed out if you have opened the site in Mozilla Firefox. Open site in Internet Explorer and it will be fine.

Solution 2
This is actually client integration component  and can be available if office 2010 client installed. First time you navigate to library you will be asked for an ActiveX Control. You need to install that and everything will work fine.

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