Thursday, January 26, 2012

SharePoint Configuring Foundation Search

Configure Foundation Search
  • Open Central Administration
  • Go to System Settings > Manage Service on Server
  • Scroll down to bottom and click start against "SharePoint Foundation Search"
  • Service Account: Please specify managed account
  • Content Access Account: This should be an account dedicated only for search.
  • Search Database: Specify the Database Server and Database Name.
    Specify any Fail over server if you are using any.
  • Indexing Schedule: Here you need to specify proper schedule as per you requirement. If you are not sure then leave default settings as it is.
  • Click Start. It will take few minutes to start up the service.
Next Step is associate Content Database with Search Service.
  • Go to Application Management 
  • Under "Databases" > "Manage Content Databases"
  • Click on link of the content database.
  • For Search Server select the configured search server from drop down.
  • Click Ok. You need to repeat these steps for all content databases.
Remember you can search only after the indexer is run. It will run according to the scheduler you specified. If you want to run it immediately then
  • Go to Monitoring > Review Job definitions
  • Scroll down to "SharePoint Foundation Search Refresh", click on link.
  • Click on "Run Now" button.
or you can use stsadm command
  • stsadm -o spservice -action FullCrawlStart

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