Saturday, November 10, 2012

Minimal Download Strategy

In SharePoint 2013 a new feature has been introduced named "Minimal Download Strategy". This feature is enabled by default in sites. One can enable or disable the feature by going to Site Features.

This is very interesting feature. This uses a single page "Start.aspx" for all your pages. It works like Start.aspx# followed by encoded URL of actual page as shown below.

When users goes from one page to another page then only encoded URL after # will be changed. And Changes between the two pages will be loaded and not the whole page. This way page will appear more quickly as only fewer bytes will be downloaded. Start page is responsible for updating changes between two pages.

As in SharePoint each page includes tons of css and images, this feature will help in reducing burden on SharePoint and will make it more responsive.


  1. Being a SharePoint consultant I am aware of Minimal download strategy feature of SharePoint 2013. It minimizes the page load time which is turn speed up the process of any application to which one is dealing with.

  2. Very nice post. Here is one more post explaining MDS,


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