Sunday, March 10, 2013

SharePoint Service Accounts Details

SQL Server Service Accounts

NameDescriptionLocal RightsDomain Rights
SQL_AdminUsed to Install the SQL Server.Local Administrator on the SQL Serverno special rights
SQL_ServiceService account used for the following MSSQLSERVER, SQLSERVERAGENTSQL SQLServer servicesno special rightsno special rights

SharePoint Service Accounts

NameDescriptionLocal/SQL RightsDomain Rights
SP_AdminInstall SharePoint,
Run SharePoint Configuration Wizard
Local Administrator on all the SharePoint Servers. SecurityAdmin and DB_Creator rights on the SQL Instanceno special rights
sp_farmConfigure Srerver, Run cental Admi site, Run SharePoint Timer JobLocal Admin during UPS provisioning, log on locally rightno special rights
SP_ServiceService Accounts to run Service Application Poolsno special rightsno special rights
SP_PortalAppPoolAccount is used to run web applications poolno special rightsno special rights
SP_ProfilesAppPoolApplication Pool for My site web applicationno special rightsno special rights
SP_SearchServiceAccount used to run Search Window Serviceno special rightsno special rights
SP_SearchContentAccount used to crawl contentno special rightsno special rights

SharePoint (2010,2013) Setup Part 1 (Service Accounts)

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